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Welcome to Houston Industrial Tradesmen

Providing Top-Notch Industrial Staffing For The Houston Area

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Houston Industrial Tradesmen



  • We specialize in providing top-notch industrial staffing services to the Houston area. Our team of experienced recruiters and staffing professionals is dedicated to finding the best match for your needs. We take pride in our thorough screening process, which includes evaluating technical skills, work history, and job fit to ensure that we match the best candidates with the role they can excel at. With a deep understanding of the local job market and a strong network of industry connections, we are confident in our ability to provide top-quality staffing solutions to the Houston area. Contact us today!

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Personal Approach

Experienced technicians are highly trained and certified in the latest industrial technology.

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Experienced Recruiters

In a variety of trades, we keep Houston's industrial infrastructure running smoothly.

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Screening Process

We have a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the most qualified and experienced workers are hired.

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Staffing Services

We specialize in providing experienced and reliable personnel to all of our industrial trades.

We’ve Got Experience

Houston Industrial Tradesmen is a recruitment firm specializing in staffing for the petroleum, chemical, and power industries. Our goal is to meet the growing demand for experienced professionals in the petrochemical sector.

We understand the challenges of the rapidly evolving industry and are committed to finding the right fit for your organization, whether you need talent for your oil refinery, engineering firm, or other business. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help!

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