Providing Top-Notch Industrial Staffing For The Houston Area

We understand how critical it is to have a dependable and skilled workforce in your warehouse. That is why we are committed to providing skilled labor staffing services in the Houston area, with a focus on the warehouse industry. Our goal is to match skilled workers with job opportunities that are a good fit for their skills and experience.

Job-Seeker Services

As a company, we believe that having a well-staffed warehouse is essential for the success of any business. That's why we offer a platform for workers to find employment opportunities in the warehouse industry without the hassle of searching for job opportunities on their own. Our dedicated staff will assist the workers every step of the way, saving them valuable time and effort so they can focus on their trade.

Employment Assistance For Businesses

For businesses, we offer a solution to the challenge of finding skilled workers for their warehouse. Our pool of workers is diverse and includes professionals in fields such as material handling, order picking, and shipping and receiving. By partnering with us, businesses can rest assured that they will be matched with the right worker for the job, saving time and resources in the hiring process.

Houston Industrial Tradesmen is dedicated to assisting the Houston warehouse industry by connecting skilled workers with employment opportunities and ensuring a smooth process for both parties. We believe that a well-staffed warehouse leads to a successful business, and we are proud to play a key role in ensuring that this occurs. Contact us today.

We Are Committed To Finding The Right Fit For You

Warehouse Roles We Hire:

  • - Forklift Operators
  • - Shipping and Receiving
  • - Order Pullers
  • - Material Handlers
  • - Warehouse Clerks
  • - Loaders
  • - Overhead Crane Operators
  • - Dispatchers
  • - Reach Truck Operators
  • - Pallet Jack Operators
  • - Shrink Wrappers
  • - General Labor