Providing Top-Notch Industrial Staffing For The Houston Area

As a company that provides staffing services for skilled laborers in the Houston area, we at Houston Industrial Tradesmen understand the importance of connecting tradesmen with the right employment opportunities. One of our focuses is on the manufacturing industry, and our goal is to match skilled tradesmen with the jobs that best fit their expertise and experience.

We Work With Prospective Employees

For tradesmen, we offer a platform to find work in their field without the hassle of searching for job opportunities solo. Our dedicated staff will assist them every step of the way, saving them valuable time and effort so they can focus on what they do best - their trade.

We Also Work With Companies

For manufacturing companies, we offer a solution to the challenge of finding skilled tradesmen. Our pool of workers is diverse and includes professionals in fields such as welding, machining, and fabrication. By partnering with us, manufacturing companies can rest assured that they will be matched with the right tradesman for the job, saving time and resources in the hiring process.

Houston Industrial Tradesmen is proud to play an important role in supporting Houston's manufacturing industry by connecting skilled tradesmen with employment opportunities and ensuring a smooth process for both parties. Contact us today!

We Are Committed To Finding The Right Fit For You

Manufacturing Roles We Hire:

  • - Machine Operators
  • - Fabricators
  • - Grinders
  • - Painters/Blasters
  • - General Laborers
  • - Assemblers
  • - Quality Control
  • - Technicians